I love lacey <3
Stoll loving

Stoll loving


Having a fantastic day!woke up my thong matched My bra then looked In the mirror my make up looks good from yesterday look in the dryer pull out my favirot yoga then coffee made for me on the table in my favirot cup.last but certain no least a new magic deck! Is it CHRISTMAS? Today is gonna be great!

Man this sucks….


I feel like I’m losing her more and more everyday…. What am I doing wrong?

Do u like another girl?..

This is for You…



Girls…. We always know when something is wrong, so don’t lie when we ask what it is?

Lacey.. I know that wasn’t for me… but I love u Lacey Ford…. and u already moved on but I didn’t… I can’t even play any Video games or anything! Without thinking about u!!!!!!!:”“((
I love lacey

He was the boy who got me the boy who kept my world spinning faster and faster every day…. I gave him my heart he’s my shining star and he makes living worth while…. but not anymore… so what’s the point…:”(((….I love u Lacey Ford…please give me another chance… ur my one and only….

Crying: “(

Watching TFS….:(

Miss him…

:”” (….He was mine…. he slipped threw my fingers….


How to get the girl.

Not true&#8230;


How to get the girl.

Not true…